OFMQ is a healthcare consulting services company. Since 1972, we’ve been committed to advancing the quality of healthcare and improving lives. As an independent nonprofit organization, our service lines include quality improvement, health information technology, data analytics and health care review.

What We Do/Our Mission: Our focus is to lead efforts to improve health care and improve lives. OFMQ is the essential, recognized resource and innovative expert in healthcare quality and improving outcomes through:

  • Accelerating research into practice;
  • Engaging and collaborating with communities;
  • Advancing the implementation and use of health information technology;
  • Achieving improvements in health quality;
  • Empowering consumers to make informed health decisions.

OFMQ Board of Directors

  • Sarah Clutts, JD
  • Patricia Dorris, RN, MPH
  • Jalmer Fallon
  • Lawrence "Buck" R. Francis, CPA
  • William P. Griffin - Immed. Past Chair
  • William H. Hancock - Treasurer
  • David F. Hitzeman, DO - Secretary
  • Susan K. Jones, PhD, APRN-CNS, CCNS-P, FCCM - Chair
  • Gregg Koehn, CEO & President, OFMQ
  • Elaine Lyons
  • Keith A. McFarland, MD
  • John Meharg
  • Robert Melichar, MD
  • Ronald S. Stevens, DO - Vice Chair

OFMQ Leadership