OFMQ, an independent, not-for-profit organization, has played an integral role in advancing quality and improving lives. An expert consultant to the health community, OFMQ has developed its reputation on integrity, expertise, quality and collaboration.

Our Mission:

Leading efforts to improve healthcare and improve lives

Our Vision:

OFMQ is the essential, recognized resource and innovative expert in health care quality and improving outcomes through:

  • Accelerating the translation of evidence-based research into practice;
  • Engaging and collaborating with the healthcare, legislative, business and consumer communities;
  • Advancing the implementation and use of health information technology to improve healthcare quality, efficiency and safety;
  • Achieving significant improvements locally and nationally in health quality;
  • Empowering consumers to make informed health decisions.

With a unique mix of clinical and technical expertise, OFMQ delivers excellent health care quality consulting resources to providers in Oklahoma, and we provide significant leadership and expertise to national healthcare quality initiatives.

Our Staff includes:
  • Nurses and clinical specialists;
  • Long-term care specialists;
  • Quality data reporting experts;
  • Health records analysts;
  • Epidemiologists;
  • Statisticians;
  • Health Information Technology experts;
  • Professionals in business disciplines.

Additionally, our network of hundreds of physician members, board-certified physician reviewers and pharmacological professionals provides vast clinical expertise to support our work.